Monday, November 11

How to prepare for PMP exam based on PMBOK 5! - Part-2

Hello Friends,

This post is Part-2 of the series of posts - How to prepare for PMP exam based on PMBOK 5!

Click here for Part-1.

In Part-1, we looked into following points-

1. Pre-requisites - Things you must be prepared for before you head towards PMP direction
2. Study Resources - Books and other resources I found most useful
3. Study Plan - Strategic steps, resources and tips for preparation and clear the exam!!

In this part (Part-2) of this post we will discuss more about the content, topics and areas that are most important and preparation strategy for the exam!!

Alright! I'll start with a very important point I've observed and might be quite helpful for you as well.

Look at the above table. Have you noticed that-

23 processes (in green) have 76% weightage in the exam and
24 processes (in orange) have only 24% weightage.

So, by preparing 23 processes, you can cover 76% of the exam!! :)

Needless to say that mastering 23 processes with all ITTOs is much easier then mastering all 47 :)

How about that?

to be continued....


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