Sunday, June 30

PMP Certification - Summary of new changes in PMBOK 5 - Part-1

Hello friends!!

On this page, I'll start a series of posts on PMP certification based on PMBOK 5. 

Hope you are aware that pmbok has been changed/updates recently. Here we will very briefly have a look on the key points/changes in new PMBOK 5. If you are planning to go for PMP certification, below information will be useful-

-    PMBOK 5 has been released in Jan 2013 and available in market to purchase.

-    PMBOK 5 will take effect on 31st July 2013 (for Exam purpose). If you are planning to sit for exam ON or AFTER 31st July 2013, it’ll be based on PMBOK 5.

PMBOK 5 comes with few changes (not major), which are very briefly described in this post. These changes makes PMBOK 5 even more easier and simple to read/understand.

In PMBOK 4 – There was 5 Process Groups + 9 Knowledge Areas + 42 Processes

In PMBOK 5 – There are 5 Process Groups + 10 Knowledge Areas + 47 Processes

In Brief:- 

1 Knowledge Area has been added

-          Stakeholders Management

5 new processes have been added

-          Plan Scope Management

-          Plan Cost Management

-          Plan Schedule Management

-          Plan Stakeholder Management

-          Control Stakeholder Engagement

Also, few process names have been modified. 


Below diagram shows all the 47 processes and 10 knowledge areas in PMBOK 5.

I'll soon start posting detailed posts on common points like "How to clear PMP", "What kind of preparation/study plan required", "What study materiel is best" etc.

I encourage you to post your comments and let me know what you want me to include in the series of posts.