Thursday, March 22

How to track execution time of the script in QTP

Hello Friends,

In this post, we'll see how to measure the total time taken by a test/script in execution.

It's easy to get execution time using Timer, but here we will measure the time and convert it to Hr-Min-Sec format. Let's see how-

Dim StartTime, EndTime
StartTime = Timer
'enter your script here
For I = 1 To 5
 wait 1
EndTime = Timer
TimeTaken = EndTime - StartTime
msgbox TimeTaken

You have execution time stored in 'TimeTaken' variable but it is in milisecond format

Now, let's convert it to Hr-Min-Sec. It will clearly tell you how many seconds, minutes or hours (if any :) ) have been taken by the script. Following is the function to do the job for us. Just pass the 'TimeTaken' to it and chill :)

Function func_ExecutionTime(TimeTaken)
If TimeTaken>=3600 Then
 rem1=int(TimeTaken mod 3600)
 str=hr&" hr "
 If rem1>=60 Then
  sec=int(rem1 mod 60)
  str=str&min&" min "&sec&" sec."
  str=str&sec&" sec."
 End If
 Else If TimeTaken>=60 Then
 sec=int(TimeTaken mod 60)
 str=str&min&" min "&sec&" sec."
 str=str&sec&" sec."
End If
End If
func_ExecutionTime = str
End Function

How to call this function -

TimeTaken_HMS =  func_ExecutionTime(TimeTaken)
msgbox TimeTaken_HMS

If you have multiple actions in your test, you can measure the execution time for every individual action.

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Thursday, March 15

Generate a random string in QTP/vbscript

Hello Friends,

Sometime script/application requires some input data as string which is unique. Random strings is helpful is this scenario. Lets see how to generate random input string in qtp.

Function GenerateRandomString(StrLen)
Dim myStr
Const MainStr= "0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
For i = 1 to StrLen
  myStr=myStr & Mid(MainStr,RandomNumber(1, Len(MainStr)),1)
GenerateRandomString = myStr
End Function

Here StrLen(argument) is the required length of the string. Call this function as below-

MsgBox GenerateRandomStrin(6)

It will generate a string of 6 characters.

In case of any queries, please post your comment.