Friday, March 18

Running QTP on Remote Machine - Tips

Hello Friends!

This post although is not QTP specific but might be helpful if are dealing with remote machine. Many times you need to work on remote system using Remote Desktop Connection(RDC). Sometime your QTP is installed on that remote machine only and you need to access it through RDC.

In this post, I'll giving few useful tips for RDC....

Tip 1. How to start RDC?

One traditional way to start RDC is - Go to Start>>Programmes>>Accessories>>Remote Desktop Connection.

Instead of doing all this exercise, you can simply - Start>>Run>> and type mstsc>> press Enter.
Done!! :)

Tip 2. How to open Task Manager of remote machine?

What to do if your remote machine is hanged? Obviously, try to kill some processes from Task Manager. But how to open Task Manager of remote machine, because if you use Ctrl+Alt+Del, it'll open your machine's Task Manager. 

No worries!! There are two ways -

a) Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc. It'll open remote machine's Task Manager, not yours machine.
b) On remote machine, Go to Start>>Run>> type taskmgr>> press Enter , and it's done!

Tip 3: How to restart remote machine?

This is most important tip and generally people don't know about this. 
What'll you do if you are working on a remote machine and it got completely hanged? Or by any other reason you need to restart it.

Relax guys!

Your remote machine is hanged, but yours not. Right? 

Simply Go to Start>>Run>> type CMD.
Now your command prompt is open in front of you.
Type - Shutdown -r -f -m \\NDL030799 (replace this with remote machine's name)

Please not that NDL030799 is just sample remote machine name. So provide your remote machine's name here and it's done. After 3-4 minutes, you can again connect to remote machine.

Please note that you can run this command from any machine in your network. Yess!! It's not necessary to run this from yours machine or this remote machine you are working on.  you can run this command from any machine in your network, only Admin Rights should be available on that machine, that's it!

Please leave your comments if you like this post or you have any queries.


  1. Restart Remote machine was amazing..wasnt knowing this information..Thanks!!

  2. Kudos !!!! Very well explained !!!

  3. very useful info.

  4. Hi Abhikansh,
    i tried the statemnt - Shutdown -r -f -m \\NDL030799(changing name to remote machine) . it worked but it just shut down the machine and didnt restart the remote machine.
    any idea why?

  5. @Smiles
    make sure you have admin rights..

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